Every kind of scale is created by a defined set of rules that “make” that scale. With this in mind, we created a cheat-sheet; a key and scale-finder that you can use again and again. The Major guitar scale has a upbeat happy sound to it. Pro Play This Tab. Click here to Download this Free Printable Guitar Scales Chart PDF to your computer. This is great practice for learning how to put shapes together. Want to know what to do next with all of the guitar scales chart content you just worked through? Enter your email address to learn our best guitar tips and tricks today! Another “must know” Scale is the Blues scale. In the major scale, we can find the relative minor in the sixth note of the scale. Scales are what give us the ability to create chords. When the pattern is applied as major, the same note in the patterns becomes a f3rd. We have tons of HD Backing Tracks Videos in all genres. The blues scale is made up of six notes per octave. Explore. The key thing to know is where to root each scale shape. The Guitar Fretboard Diagrams show all 5CAGED system forms of the Major Blues Scale on the guitar neck in the key of C. These CAGED scale patterns help you learn the blues scale as it relates to standard CAGED chords. If you are playing in the key of G major like above, you can also solo in the key of E minor because they share the same notes. The red dots on the guitar scales chart show us where our root note of the scale is. Let’s look at the guitar scales chart for the major pentatonic scale below, and then break it down: This scale is excellent for us in Blues music as well as Rock & Roll and many other genres. You’re going to want to stretch your pinky finger for this one, as you’ll be making good use of it. Scales are presented as fretboard diagrams, as well as in notation and TAB. Guitar Scales Tab. (For example, the root note of C Minor Pentatonic is C.). Free guitar backing tracks no vocals for beginning, intermediate and advanced guitar players. Blues scales are built off the same notes found in the pentatonic scale with one added note. To see the blues chord progressions with their relevant blues scales in every key please see the the chart … Be sure to visit https://www.activemelody.com/lesson/major-and-minor-blues-pentatonic-scales/ to download the tablature and MP3 Jam track for this lesson. In order to understand this scale, we need to understand the structure of the minor scale a little bit better. The last of our scales in today’s lesson, the minor blues scale is the rule-breaker of the bunch. Guitar Scales Chart Download. The small m represents the starting point for playing the minor scale (if a small m lands on E, you’re playing E minor). The blues scale is simply a pentatonic minor scale that has been embellished with a single, additional note. More information... People also love these ideas. Free Guitar Scale Charts And Fingering Diagrams. Forget the guess work and use our helpful scale & mode recommendations for each music backing track. You are now left with five notes, where you once had seven. Add to playlist. For example, you could use a G blues scale to improvise over the following 12 bar blues … Bar 7: chromatic approach of the b3 and b7 of Bm7. Home > Scales > Blues Scales 12 Blues Guitar Scales - Beyond Pentatonics This lesson will explore the many different blues guitar scales used in all the blues sub-genres. The pentatonic, or pentatonic minor scale, or simply blues scale, is the basis of the majority of blues, rock and metal music of the 20th century. Major and Minor Blues Scales – Guitar Tab and Essential Licks. Print. Check out the fretboard below the tab for reference. A | E | B | F# | C# | G# | D | G | C | F | Bb | Eb. the top. There is also a Major Blues Scale (See Modes of the Minor Blues Scale Below), and both are commonly used by guitar players in several different musical genres. The Blues Scale (Pattern 2) We're playing this scale in the Key of A, so place the Red Note on String 4 on the 7th Fret. A guitar scales chart is a valuable tool to have in your guitar toolkit. Just like with all the other scales, you can use the 5 box pattern memorization method to learn the Blues scales all over the entire guitar neck. We share ninja tips (for instant fun!) Tracks in all keys and scales that can be used for either electric or acoustic guitar. With the chords in the blues chord chart above, you can pretty much interchange any chord and apply it to a particular 12-bar blues pattern. Oct 25, 2017 - Download a free printable guitar scale chart for quick reference when practicing your guitar scales.. . It shows the 6 most common guitar scales in their most common positions. You will notice that the example does not show us any notes, and you might wonder why that is. Saved by GuitarMan. You’ll see and hear a lot about the Pentatonic Scale, especially from lead blues guitar players and blues enthusiasts. Scales. Ah yes, the happiest and the mother of all musical scales. This app will teach you guitar scales and the music theory behind them in a fun, useful and musical format. E Blues Scale. Writing riffs is another great way to utilize what we have learned. Using the same approach, here is an even better trick. The only secret in becoming a better guitarist is practice. Scales you can use in the real world, created by a human guitarist. Practicing scales, arpeggios and modes all day! 12-bar blues progression pattern: I – I – I – I – IV – IV – I – I – V – IV – I – I. So it would be a great start as a beginner guitarist to learn the blues scale. Jam! Guitar Scales Chart – An Essential Tool For Guitarists. Play your jamtracks right now and practice in all 12 keys. Make use of those open strings as well as your index and middle fingers. Guitar Scales Chart. This means that it can be used to improvise over minor chord sequences. Major Degrees: 1-b3-4-b5-5-b7 or I-bIII-IV-bV-V-bVII, Stepping: whole+plus+half - whole - half - half - whole+plus+half - whole or W+H-W-H-H-W+H-W, Tonal: tone+plus+semitone - tone - semitone - semitone - tone+plus+semitone - tone or 3-2-1-1-3-2. This PDF contains the scale charts for the Blues scale in all keys for guitar in standard tuning. Tabs Articles Forums Wiki + Publish tab Pro. All interesting info on one page: jam & backing track, tone, tempo, scale suggestions, ... Jam with Professional Bands. Learn the Blues scale using 5 box patterns. Place your third finger on the third fret of the low E string and play that note. Guitartonemaster.com - Your first choice for guitar backing tracks. It shows the 6 most common guitar scales in their most common positions. Let’s see what this looks like in a guitar scales chart: As you can see, each of these notes has a number, but no note attached to it. Saved from learnguitarhere.com. 3. Jamming every day is so important to your progression as a musician. The Guitar Scales Chart Book features all of the widely-used guitar scales (pentatonic, blues, etc. It can be found in Rock n Roll, Country, Blues songs. Best of The Best Guitar Soloing JamTracks. By organizing our twelve-note octave into smaller groups of notes, we are able to not only create amazing-sounding melodies, but corresponding chords as well. Sign up Log in. We'll send you a series of lessons that will move you to the next level of your guitar journey. Major Pentatonic: Minor Pentatonic: Blues Scales . Your fingers are numbered so make sure you’re assigning one to each fret. The main reason is because Pentatonic scales are easy. Anytime, Anywhere At Your Own Time And Pace... All our Jam Tracks are offered free, so you can access them immediately. Others (ourselves included) favour the use of books and learning tools to learn as much about music as possible. Scale 1. The diagram below show the Blues Scale in the key of F. Guitar Scales Chart. Improve your technique, leads, improvisations, riff creation with your own virtual private bands.